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Viper Dual NAND V2


  • Small Board Footprint
  • 4 Wire Minimum Install
  • Works with 16MB Phats And Slims with Viper Adapters
  • 2 Available Install Methods
  • No Trace Cuts Required
  • QSB Form Factor (No More Soldering 17 Wires)
  • Works With All 5V Chips That Utilize Any of 15432's Timing Files
  • Works With All 3.3V Chips Utilizing Any Timing File
  • Easily Switch Between NANDs

  • Where to buy

    USA - Phenom Mod

    USA - The Weekend Modder

    UK - ChipChopMod

    Poland - Play-Box (Contact them directly)

    Official Install Guides:

    Install Type A - Here
        └── Phat Adapter: Here

    Install Type B - Here

    If you are interested in becoming a reseller please feel free to contact us here
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