Announcement: We're happy to announce the release of our latest hardware, the xFlasher 360!

1) Extract the contents of "HDD" to the root of your HDD
2) Extract "RGBuilder" and run the Launcher to create your RGLoader flash image
3) Flash your RGLoader image to the NAND

● Added support for 17559
● Too many fixes to name for RGBuild.exe (much better corona support in image editing)
● Fixed JTAG KDNet support
● RGBuild now sets up KDNet in the nand image (no need for xbsetcfg)
● Fixed filesystem issues, can now insert payload anywhere in nand and filesystem will
rearrange itself.
● Overall much more stable kernel patches
● Options.ini
● Ability to disable memory protection
● RGLoader.xex
● Added plugin loading
● Will load ini from USB drive before hdd (useful if a plugin is crashing the system)

● tydye81                                  ● stoker25
● sk1080                                    ● Juggahax0r
● XDK                                         ● iCEQB
● m0j0j0_j0

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